Elsia And Annia Parody Dolls Channe

Anna and Elsa toddlers are excited to see everyone at the tea party. The greet barbie as she arrives with all the food. The girls start pouring some tea and sit down. Ania and Elsie can't wait to eat their burgers. The go up stairs and begin petting the kitty. Elsa and anna sit on the mattress and get started petting the kitty. Ania takes the start arguing and elsa's seat. The girls talk about out the tea and reunite. The girls think its amazing and drink their tea.

Barbie shows the girls Anna and Elsa toddler the restroom, with all the sink and shower and the toilet. They go over to take a look at the balcony overlooking the garden. The girls are permitted to play on the balcony provided that they are careful.

Barbie shows the women everything inside her room. They have some beverages that are fake and go over to the table.

Elisa sneaks of to play with herself and doesn't want Elsia and Annia parody dolls channe anyone to understand. The ornament smashes on the ground following annia knocked it.

They smash barbies favorite cup and barbie is not impressed in any way. She starts to cry and runs out to the garden. Anna and Elsia toddlers move outdoors and try t comfort her.

Tea Party! Toddler Anna and Elsa go to visit Barbie for a tea party. Barbie has plenty of toys and fun things around her home to reveal them, but Elsa would like to play with the one thing she is not allowed to play with. Anna and Elsa have lots of humorous jokes with Barbie until something breaks! What did Elsa and Anna do in Barbie's home? Watch this movie to find out, love!

Elsia and Annia parody dolls channel that utilizes Elsa and Anna toddlers from the movie Frozen.

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